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Sustainable design is not just for the Fortune 500 companies anymore. While once considered onerous and somewhat experimental, principles of sustainable design have become commonplace and are now an integral part of current building codes. From the onset, Acuform considers sustainable design strategies for all projects we do whether we are pursuing a LEED® Certification or not.


No two sites are created equal. The selection of the right site can reduce your initial construction costs, lower your ongoing expenses and it accounts for nearly ⅓ of credits required for LEED® certification. We apply the knowledge of sustainable design strategies toward each property under consideration to help you find a site that will best meet your sustainability goals.


Your building working with the environment. With some strategic planning, we can incorporate early adjustments to the building arrangement and materials to reduce the future demand for mechanical and electrical systems. Acuform will incorporate sound design practices, which reduce operational expenses without incurring additional construction costs.


The best solution there is not the best solution here. In this new era of corporate conglomerates, national image programs, and standard floor plans, many organizations have lost their ability to adapt to the local environment. This escalates construction costs. We can work with you to regionalize standard plans and take advantage of local building systems and construction techniques.


We work with some of the area’s most talented engineers who develop hyper-efficient systems that can significantly reduce building operating expenses. Technology in building systems changes rapidly, and we continue to evaluate options for improved efficiency and reduced maintenance costs discussing the associated costs.



Manufactures come out with new product lines daily. Acuform remains abreast of building materials and can guide you through the selection of materials to satisfy your project requirements, including materials that are recycled, are recyclable, or are rapidly renewable. We can source materials that are readily accessible and protect the world for future generations.


For those who must have the gold standard in sustainability, our team has you covered. Acuform has completed several LEED® accredited buildings. We are prepared to assist you with the formal application to the U.S. Green Building Council, design review, and construction procedure checklist to achieve your goals


The greatest cost of a new building is not just the initial construction, it’s the operation and maintenance over the building’s lifetime. Based on your goals, Acuform can evaluate different building systems to see which will offer you the shortest payback period, thereby offering you the best value for your construction dollar.

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