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It takes a team of professionals to build your vision. Acuform offers the services of licensed professionals to provide you with a complete architecture and engineering solutions. We have fostered solid working relationships with the area’s best engineers and building system experts who remain responsive to our requests and eager to assist on future projects. Acuform and our consultants all utilize the latest Building Information Management (BIM) software to effectively communicate design intent and coordinate complex building systems. Acuform will always remain your primary point of contact and be responsible for the coordination of professional consultants throughout the entire project; our approach will seamlessly integrate the following services as required:


Fetch the municipal services you need. We source engineering services for on-site and off-site project related water and sewer services, bridges, roadways, traffic signals, bus stops, and drainage structures. We can secure the services and systems that you need and that governmental entities require.


Define your canvass. Our registered professional land surveyors observe all aspects of your site including the property meets and bounds, topography, natural outcroppings, utilities, easements, neighboring encroachments, and trees. The ALTA land survey will guide all professionals to the limitations and opportunities of your site.


Assess your site. Our environmental engineers are familiar with the natural effects of land in this area, as well as frequent issues encountered from past developments. They will analyze the underlying land as well as the physical improvements of the property and report potential or existing liabilities for development


Find out whats under the surface. We can provide all necessary geological and soils investigation. Our geotechnical engineers provide soil boring services and soils analysis. They will provide the foundation and flatwork design recommendations to ensure your new facility is on solid ground.


A coordinated site is an efficient one. Our team of professionals includes the most reputable civil engineers. They are leaders in the study of drainage issues and knowledgeable about municipal and franchise utilities throughout the state. Their engineering services provide coordinated utility services, appropriate drainage systems, and accurate placement of all site elements to reduce your overall construction time.


We get you a solid foundation and strong bones. Our structural engineers assist with assessing existing structures for possible reuse, engineering economical foundation systems, and working with us to design progressive superstructures. Let us ensure you have the systems you need for a stable building.


It is very costly to coordinate the utility services required for specialized equipment in the field. Acuform has a long history of experience with automotive repair facilities, medical and dental centers, and food service establishments to ensure provisions are accounted for in the contract documents.


Everybody loves technology. Smart building technology can automate mechanical and electrical systems, report water and energy consumptions, engage security services, and permit remote building monitoring. We can work with you to integrate the level of technology you require for proper building maintenance.



We all take mechanical systems for granted-until they stop working. Our plumbing and mechanical engineers can provide effective overall systems for your needs: plumbing systems are engineered to properly serve all required fixtures and mechanical systems are designed to keep your occupants comfortable.



Sprinkler systems save lives. Sure, they are now required by law in nearly every commercial application, but selecting the right system can reduce your construction costs, prevent accidental deployment, and reduce additional damage in the event of a fire. Let us get the right system for your new facility.



Lights on. From the general needs assessment, to the application and approval for new electrical service, to the installation of such services, our team is well-versed in all aspects of electrical systems design and application. Our team can handle the specific requirements of electrical switchgear, panel diagrams, and building circuitry in your new facility.



Acuform has established a process to review your building systems including mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire, life safety, building envelope, interior systems, utility systems, sustainable systems, lighting, wastewater, mechanical and electrical controls, and building security. Through this process, we will verify that all the systems in your new construction have been installed correctly and are functioning properly.


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