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Signed and sealed drawings are not the end of our service. Our office stands behind the documents we prepare and our standard services include responses to code-related questions and periodic site visits for all projects; our services are not complete until your doors are open. As an AIA® member firm, our office is well-versed in standard industry documents and procedures and are, therefore, best prepared to assist you with complete construction services.


Contending with the requirements of multiple governing and regulatory entities is an intrusive and exhausting process. Acuform is familiar with the development requirements throughout Texas including all major metropolitan areas while also sensitive to small town operations in more rural communities. Let our team guide you to a green light wherever you are.


Getting the best value for your construction dollars is important. Acuform is familiar with all primary contract solicitation processes including hard-bid, design-build, and cost plus arrangements. We work with you to identify qualified contractors, secure a validated bid for construction, and engage the services of the selected contractor.



A contract is more than just a handshake. Having completed hundreds of projects, at Acuform we are keenly aware of the provisions of a construction contract: the obligations of the contractor and the precautions afforded to the owner. We employ the latest AIA® Contract Documents and amend them appropriately for your project. We will cement your project administration requirements and protect your interests during construction.


We understand the importance of project financing and are prepared to work with your financial institution to satisfy the requirements of a construction loan. Acuform is pre-authorized with several San Antonio banks to provide your construction observation services to ensure bank approvals are met and contractor payments can be made.


Trained eyes on site. Our periodic site observations include professionals from Acuform as well as each of our consultants. We review the contractor’s work in accordance with our documents to ensure compliance. All observations are documented in writing and distributed to all parties to keep everyone informed of progress as well as issues to be resolved.


No one likes change orders, but sometimes they are necessary. Whether it is an unforeseen condition, or a human oversight, Acuform remains responsive to your needs. We will prepare the formal request for pricing and delays, and will work with you to ensure the changes are fair and equitable.



Get what you’ve paid for. We require the contractor to furnish us product literature, installer qualifications, cutsheets, and material samples to ensure what is being installed is consistent with the drawings and specifications. Through this process, we ensure your design intent is met and no corners are cut.



Timely decisions are paramount to any construction project. We facilitate routine meetings throughout construction to include the owner, the architect, and the contractor. Together, we review the progress of work, discuss challenges faced, and identify solutions to be implemented. Through periodic meetings, we can address issues before they become problems and can work as a team toward a successful completion.




Most municipalities have adopted ordinances requiring materials testing and special inspections known as “Chapter 17 special inspections”. Acuform has developed a systematic checklist to ensure no tests are missed. Unsatisfactory materials or tests will be identified and resolved by the contractor so you can be assured that the materials used on your new facility meet performance specs and that a certificate of occupancy can be obtained.



Measure twice, cut once. Acuform and our consultants coordinate and host meetings with the contractor and their subcontractors to review the anticipated construction procedures. Acuform employs a collaborative effort to ensure system installation and material construction are done correctly the first time to reduce project delays.



Pay only for work completed. Our professionals review contractor- submitted applications for payment to ensure amounts requested are consistent with the work performed and the materials stored to date. Acuform is prepared to review the progress of the contractor’s work, secure lien releases, and certify amounts due.



We strive for continuous improvement. Acuform has developed a proprietary system of construction monitoring (called AcuTRACK™) which includes periodic reviews of both design and construction elements. Aspects of both design and construction are documented, annotated, and actually graded in an effort to provide a more improved service for future project. The database of past project information is applied to each new project to improve the design and construction process.


A final punchlist. Once the construction is complete, Acuform and our consultants visit the new facility and perform a detailed inspection documenting each deficiency and identifying the appropriate resolution of each item. We require contractor documentation that each item has been resolved so you can be confident that final payment has been earned.

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