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Even the simplest buildings today require extensive forethought, frequent communication, and skillful coordination. Acuform is experienced with the broad range of situations you are likely to encounter and we have a track record of successful project completion. Our project management services extend through the full duration of development and into building occupancy. Our most frequently requested PM services include the following:


The selection of property to develop cannot be made upon price alone. Frequently, the cheapest piece of dirt is the most expensive to develop and some parcels cannot legally be developed at all. Acuform’s site evaluation and feasibility services will provide you an apples-to-apples comparison based upon purchase price and all aspects of the entire design and build process.


Whether the zoning is not quite compatible with your proposed use, or the property you are buying is not platted, Acuform is here to cut through the red tape. We have comprehensive knowledge of government processes and development requirements. With our expertise in all aspects of land-use plans, utility easements and property entitlements, we can guide you through.


What makes some buildings “better” than others? Who wants an ugly and inefficient building? Each of our professionals are 4-year or 6-year degreed professionals from NAAB (National Architectural Accrediting Board) accredited colleges and universities across America. We are passionate about finding solutions that are responsive to your needs, harmonious within their surroundings, and meaningful to future occupants.


Our real world approach to problem solving includes a solid understanding of building construction. We have a system of quality control checks to ensure that the documents for your building are clear, concise, and complete to avoid surprises during construction.


Contending with the requirements of multiple governing and regulatory entities is an intrusive and exhausting process. Acuform is familiar with the development requirements throughout Texas including the major metropolitan areas of San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Let our team guide you to a green light.


Plans and specifications are not simply directions for constructing a box, they become part of your agreement with the contractor. Acuform is best prepared to administer all aspects your construction contract to ensure objectives are met and specifications are upheld.


 Let Acuform follow up with the one-year warranty review process making sure any problems that arise as a result of construction are corrected prior to the expiration of your one-year warranty.

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