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Acuform is fundamentally about people: the clients we serve, the people we employ and the community we support. It is with this underlying principle of service that we have organized the fundamental values of our firm. From the onset, we gear our client agreements in a manner which aligns the architect’s interests with those of the client. We engage the participation of our client throughout the design process to not only solve a problem but to arrive at the best possible solution. We have the knowledge, experience and capacity to execute large, complex projects and are frequently called upon to manage all aspects of the design and construction process. It is through our candid approach to each project and our project ownership mentality that we have earned the trust and endorsement of our clients.


We provide superior customer service. Our team of professionals listens attentively to all interests and works to identify a timely solution to meet or exceed your expectations.



We love what we do and take pride in our work. We persevere in the face of challenges and pay close attention to the details to ensure that you have the best result possible.



The design and build process is fraught with challenges; we are aware of the impact small decisions can have later on. Our team is trained to thoroughly investigate the problems and to take the calculated risks required to render an informed decision.



Architects are, by nature, problem solvers. We consider many solutions to meet a challenge, including sometimes unconventional or unusual ones. In the end, we try to make sure the solution proposed is the best one for you.



We never stop learning. Through our in-house education program, we remain informed of the latest industry advancements and new technologies. Our up-to-date knowledge ensures that you have a high-performing facility.



“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work” (Aristotle). Ideally, colleagues should enjoy each other as well as their work. At Acuform, we promote a collegial atmosphere generated by creative energy and mutual respect.



Acuform’s principals have the experience, the education and the credentials to spearhead every project. In addition to their oversight, they assign a qualified Project Manager and trained support personnel to ensure that your project is always in capable hands.



Trust is earned, built over time and experience. A collegial atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation builds trust among the Acuform staff; supporting our promises with actions builds trust between us and our clients.



We never settle for good enough. Through every design exercise, technical drawing and construction meeting, we seek continuous improvement of systems and procedures in order to provide you with a streamlined and seamless process; a more valuable service.



Each member of our team is gifted in their abilities, yet we are committed to providing you more than the sum of our best parts. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.


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