The first step in any project is fully understanding the project needs. Everyone has budget constraints and schedule expectations, but before we set pen to paper, we must clearly define the project needs, goals, and objectives. The members of our team are observant, effective communicators, and skilled problem solvers. This dialogue becomes the foundation of our journey toward a successful project.

In order to chart a successful future, we must first identify the limitations of the past. We apply the knowledge from previous projects jobs to your project in order to identify operational challenges and create design solutions.

Time is money. We have learned from working with companies in all sorts of industries how to identify cross-traffic conflicts, disconnected team personnel, and laborious common procedures. By analyzing your processes, we can craft a solution that reduces occupant travel and improves the speed of repetitive tasks.


Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious. We work with all stakeholders in a collaborative workshop format to understand the overall picture and we probe further to integrate everyone’s needs into a set of design and construction priorities.

What really makes your employees happy may surprise you. We poll, interview, and observe routine behaviors of your personnel so that you may then implement cost effective solutions to improve company morale, operational efficiency and build your firm’s culture.

Build for your future, not just for today. We work with you to understand the vision for your company so that our solutions not only meet your immediate needs, but will also fulfill future objectives. Let us help chart your path.

No two sites are created equal. It is important to fully understand the legal entitlements of your property, as well as the site-specific topography, vegetation, drainage, and utilities to formulate a successful site plan. Our site planning solutions include sequential application of project utilities as well as a logical arrangement of building and site features to streamline user circulation.

It’s a little more complicated than just doors and windows. The sophisticated buildings of today require compliance with ever-changing codes, inclusion of advanced building systems, and integrated strategies for reducing energy consumption. Our creative design solutions are custom tailored to accommodate your needs while incorporating the technological advances our clients demand to offer you a facility that is distinctive yet contextual, economical yet sustainable.

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