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At Acuform, we are passionate about what we do and we work hard to maintain and evolve an environment that supports our daily activities as well as our long term aspirations. Our approach is a fun yet professional style that not only produces the best possible designs but also earns the loyal support of our clients, consultants, and employees.


We have fun. Acuform maintains a diverse portfolio of projects to cultivate well-rounded individuals and prevent complacency. Our casual office environment offers a shared workspace to facilitate collaboration, breakout spaces for creative thought and even recreational areas to re-energize throughout the day. We carefully monitor workloads to ensure no one is overly burdened and offer a flexible work schedule to permit personnel to spend time with their families and pursue interests away from the office. Employees are encouraged to be active in their professional, civic and religious organizations demonstrating our commitment to not only be prominent figures in our profession but also leaders within our community.


We are committed to excellence. Acuform attracts and retains only top employees who have earned degrees from U.S. accredited colleges of architecture (most of our employees have obtained or are in the process of obtaining Master’s degrees). We support the continued development of our emerging professionals through the adoption of the nationally recognized Intern Development Program and involve young minds in all aspects of the design and build process. Acuform also hosts an extensive in-house continuing education series with sessions recognized by the American Institute of Architects® in order to keep our professionals abreast of evolving codes and emerging technologies.


We have crafted a unique balance between art and business creating a climate in which innovation is encouraged and creativity can flourish. As a result, Acuform has an accomplished history and we continue to thrive upon the relationships we have fostered. We seek steady and responsible growth within the design and construction industries.

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