Expanding upon our office and industrial experience, Acuform was engaged for architectural design and engineering services work on an existing 280,000 sq. ft. facility located at San Antonio International Airport. Advanced Integration Technology specializes in the production of machinery and tooling suitable for fabricating a variety of aircraft - they maintain a global presence. Work included a complete exterior facelift, a newly constructed entry lobby and a finish-out of approximately 6,500 sq. ft. for a regional headquarters offices and conference facilities.


We worked with company executives and local team members to fully understand their operations, identify their space requirements and develop a cohesive approach which accurately met their needs while also reflecting their cutting-edge processes. Contending with many unknowns of this 1950’s era military hanger, our final design solution seamlessly blends steel, aluminum, and glass elements in a unique modern design carefully executed to reflect the highly precise industry of aerospace.a

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