Based upon our past experience working with the owner of Papouli’s Greek Grill, Acuform was hired to provide architecture and engineering services for this themed restaurant. Work included the re-design and finish-out of this 3,500 sq. ft. second generation restaurant space. The program included a commercial kitchen, cold food prep., storage, a small managers office station, a Greek themed dining room, and a separate party room. As with other restaurants, we carefully coordinated owner-furnished equipment to ensure adequate space and utility services were provided.



Building upon the success of other locations, we incorporated image elements and created some new ones to create a value-driven experience venue for patrons of this popular Greek restaurant. While the initial approach was to maintain as much of the former kitchen as possible, Acuform determined the kitchen was neither functional nor efficient. We developed a much better kitchen layout which, though more expensive to construct, provided a greater value to the owner in the form of additional patron seating. Attention was given to every detail and we worked with the owner to select some new finishes which were both economical and durable.

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