Acuform was initially solicited to assist with the selection of a site for a new dental office in San Antonio’s growing west side. Additionally, our experience with dental office made us a logical choice for the design and construction services of this new facility. The owners of an established dental office sought to move to a building they could own rather than perpetually renting space in a strip center. The new facility needed to at least accommodate their existing operations and the owner’s wanted the ability to expand in the future.


Once we candidly reviewed the owner’s objectives and budget, we advised them a new facility could not reasonably be constructed for their $500,000 budget and suggested remodeling an existing building instead to meet their budget. We found a former bank building in the ideal location - the building was structurally sound and offered a simple rectangle plan which could satisfy their current needs. Additional space on the site offered the opportunity for expansion should the need arise. Our design included a new entry feature, oversized windows and simple finishes resulting in a clean and contemporary facelift. With the realized savings, the owner purchased a $100,000 x-ray machine to offer his patients an improved service.


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