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GUNN HONDA San Antonio, Texas

After plans for the new Gunn Honda at a different location were rejected by a local politician, we scrambled to quickly adapt the plans for the new facility to an alternate site in northwest San Antonio. Many adjustments had to be made to the prototypical building design to accommodate this 60,000 square foot sales and service facility on a heavily wooded, triangular-shaped, parcel with several historic structures on it. Working closely with the owner, city officials, and our consultants, we were able to strategically arrange the buildings throughout the site preserving the most significant structures and protecting all heritage oak trees.


Despite many unconventional elements, we used Honda image program elements to best tie multiple structures together and strategically placed directional signage throughout the site to improve the customer experience. The dealership was the first in south Texas to incorporate the new Honda image program. The building features a business center for 24 sales agents, nearly 30 private offices, a 15,000 sq. ft. parts warehouse, and a 48 bay service center. One of the historic buildings on the site was also designed by our team to be used as the Gunn call center.


Project Architect on Record: Thorn & Graves

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