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LDS BULVERDE  Bulverde, Texas


This facility is a new regional stake center to serve the LDS Church members for an approximate 10 mile radius. The building is over 25,000 sq. ft. and the property is an 11 acre property in the hill country. Site features include a pavilion, a wooded area for youth camping activities, a baseball field, and a large storm water detention and water quality pond. This was the first of several new facilities designed by Acuform for The Church of Latter-Day Saints. 


Despite efforts and assurances secured from utility providers, area growth did not proceed as anticipated and utility providers were unable to meet their service agreements at the time of construction. Acuform worked expeditiously during construction to alter the plans to accommodate a more “off-the-grid” arrangement including water, gas, and electric services. The revised plans incorporated an extensive water well, storage, and distribution system for the facility, propane gas supply, and only single phase electrical service. Acuform was also responsible for modifying the standard plans to incorporate local exterior finishes of stone and stucco as it is more compatible with the surroundings. Acuform was contracted for complete design and construction related services including project management.

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