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Acuform was contracted for services to correct shortcomings, and add onto an existing daycare facility. The rooms were strategically sized to take full advantage of the adult-to-children ratio permitted by the state; spaces were separated by age group to enable the owner to care for the older children. Bold geometry, vibrant colors, and oversized windows rendered exceptional spaces for creative young minds to grow. A bold, blue datum wall with a permanently attached swing offers a welcoming new entry way.


The addition more than doubled the fairly new building already on site. The recent “code creep” created problems with the existing structure. Acuform recognized these challenges and met with the local plans examiner and fire reviewer to work out acceptable and cost effective solutions. While the initial construction proposal was approximately 7% over our estimate of construction costs, Acuform and our consultants worked with the selected contractor to get the entire project completed within $10,000 of the owner’s original project budget. Since completion, the Owner has contacted Acuform regarding the feasibility of another location.

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